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We’re more or less at the end of the Fall 2015 TV season. Most shows have embarked on their Winter breaks.

To wrap it all up, here are one-sentence summations of how Fall 2015 went for some notable shows.

The Great British Baking Show

Who knew watching a bunch of affable Brits in an amateur baking competition could be so addictive?


Relocating to Germany was a good move, but plot twists requiring smart characters to act dumb and Carrie going off her nut yet again were momentum drags.

Blood and Oil

Not even Don Johnson’s deathless cool could make this turkey fly.

The Leftovers

The increase in critical claim seemed inversely proportional to the show’s audience erosion.


Chaotic, wild, sometimes baffling, usually entertaining, the fact that the whole thing could go flying off the rails at any second is a big part of its appeal.

Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

TV awards groups discover that The CW exists.


Embracing serialization, madness and a real connection to the Batman mythos makes for a much more compelling show.


A promising start, steady creative growth and possibly the best-cast lead of any new Fall 2015 show.


This riff on the old MacGyver formula managed to remain entertaining, sometimes in spite of itself.


An attention-grabbing high concept and a strong lead-in added up to the biggest hit of Fall 2015 and an early Season 2 renewal.

The Muppets

It wasn’t perfect and the more adult tone didn’t work for everybody, but it nicely captured the madcap randomness of the original series.

The Flash

Diving deeper into comic book lore has only increased the shine on this bright, fast-paced winner.

Scream Queens

Jamie Lee Curtis and Niecy Nash best have gotten truckloads of cash for putting up with this nonsense.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Layered, complex and often daring, it’s still one of the best shows you’re not watching.

Grandfathered and The Grinder

Sitcoms hoping to exploit the enduring appeal of Stamos and Lowe didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med

The Windy City-set, personality-driven procedural franchise remains a strength for NBC and successfully expanded to include Med.


Didn’t handle the spin-off set-up as well as sister show The Flash, but still a solid, compelling adventure.


This surprise success feels like it came straight out of the ’70s, for better and for worse.


Taraji P. Henson’s Cookie makes up for some wildly uneven storytelling elsewhere.

Jessica Jones

Possibly the best thing to come out of Marvel’s television and movie franchise.

Code Black

This hospital drama seemed morgue-bound early on but has shown surprising signs of life in recent weeks.


Despite some nice work from the cast (especially MVP Connie Britton), the wear is showing and the end feels near.

The Big Bang Theory

Somehow, still the biggest comedy on the air and aging unusually well.

Grey’s Anatomy

Lather, rinse, repeat: going over the same ground again and again hasn’t hurt ratings.


Thank God someone realized that the Olivia/Fitz relationship was a tragedy and not a love story.

The Blacklist

Buzz and ratings have cooled off, but fans have been happy with this season.

The Player

Only one ex-Strikeback star was destined for success on NBC this year and Blindspot had a naked lady.

Sleepy Hollow

Making Pandora the new Big Bad didn’t do the supernatural drama much good in a tough new time slot.

The Vampire Diaries

Seems Nina Dobrev took a big chunk of the audience with her when she left.

How To Get Away With Murder

Season 2 remained bold, unpredictable and likely to earn Viola Davis another Emmy.

Top Chef

Returning to California for a “road trip” season is going well so far, in spite of casting the biggest L.A. d-bag in the history of reality TV.

Dr. Ken

Audiences love to thumb their noses at critical outrage, I guess.

The Amazing Race

An otherwise solid season was undone by casting the most annoying contestant in the show’s history, who was unfortunately good at the game.

Shark Tank

Held onto ratings and buzz to become ABC’s reality utility player.

Blue Bloods

Remained surprisingly deft at balanced explorations of hot button police and public safety issues.

Castle, Family Guy, NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds, The Mysteries of Laura, Last Man Standing, Supernatural, Project Runway and Bones

Huh, that’s still on.

Originally published at on December 15, 2015.

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